A Glimpse Outside Joburg

Today we drove to Sasolburg which meant spending a lot of time in the car with my colleagues. Quality Time. It’s amazing to see how well these people know each other. They anticipate each other’s reactions to things other people say and poke fun at one another in a way that is at once friendly and familial. It’s super endearing. Also, they’re all fucking sharp as tacks.
Things I saw for the first time or did for the first time today:
Saw my first in-natural-habitat Zebras
Drove through a township
Drank South Africa’s version of Diet Coke called Coca Cola Light, which tastes like regular Coke (Yuck.)
Learned that Claudia gets carsick when reading in a moving vehicle
Learned what a Braai is (turns out I knew what it was but forgot the term)
My life here is currently small insofar as I am five days in country I’ve never been to or read about before, living in temporary housing, driving a rental car, and knowing only the people in my office with whom I had a three-day-old rapport.  But! I have grand plans for expansion. Finding an apartment in an area that feels like a neighborhood thanks to recommendations by my new colleague Zola and the power of online property advertising. Exploring Braamfontein art galleries and restaurants once I figure out how to get to said area, in my purchased used car which I will have found thanks to recommendations by my colleague Jacques. Going to Sun City and Pilanesburg when my friends vsit in October. Things like that. My goal is to have done all those things and more in one month’s time.
In the mean time, the view from my balcony is sensational.

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