Things That Happened This Year

Before I left my very lovely life in Washington, DC / Maryland, I sat down for drinks with a few very good friends at Boundary Stone to say farewell and to reflect on our accomplishments that year (measured from summer to summer). We came up with the following list of accomplishments and events.

Goals Achieved:

  • made out with someone at the end of a business card night
  • started a music calendar that I followed and shared with others
  • started a blog
  • went bowling in West Virginia
  • set personal record for boot and rally in consecutive weekends
  • joined a Bocce team after reading the sign to register on a bathroom door and then created a team for the next season
  • led/wrote my first proposal which was called “the best proposal of 2012” by the sector’s New Business Manager
  • planned a wedding
  • planned my friends bacherlotte party, wedding shower, made the save the dates
  • cleared out half my closet
  • watched all of Battlestar Galactic
  • got promoted after much hard work
  • volunteered at Sundance (applied a few years in a row) and got invited back to London Sundance and 2013 Sundance
  • made out with two people, each of which I’ve been trying to make out for four years
  • came out the winner of an ambiguous romance situation (evidence: ender came back and said it was the best relationship he’s had and I was with someone else)
  • made out with DJ at my trivia night
  • didn’t kill my roommate

Things That Happened:

  • lived in California
  • came back from Peace Corps
  • moved back to Washington DC
  • bought a bunch of peplum shirts
  • got a new job
  • moved to new city
  • discovered that I love stout beer
  • went to yoga five days a week for four months and got into amazing shape (and then work took over my life and I stopped going)
  • joined a great bookclub
  • removed a dead rat next to my car in the alley
  • briefly dated a guy who played for DC United
  • made out with one guy, went on a date with another, and ended brief relationship with a third guy in a 36 hour period
  • saw Tune-Yards three times
  • ran into my ex on the day of new year’s eve with his girlfriend and played it like a champ (in my favorite outfit I just happened to be wearing)
  • learned how to make home-made ravioli
  • learned I am a packing magician
  • someone I boss around said I was their favorite boss (to someone else)
  • got a DC license (after four years)
  • moved my car insurance into my own name (my parents pay for none of my expenses)
  • finished a bottle of Evan Williams that my friend gave me as a gift three years ago
  • bought so many dresses (and shoes) on a single credit card purchase that my credit card company thought it was fraud
  • started dating someone (I think)*
  • ended a three year dry spell that was a long term/distance relationship
  • signed up and ran the Tough Mudder half marathon from hell**

*this has since become a confirmed fact

** obviously not the writer’s accomplishment

CONTEXT AND DISCLAIMER: These accomplishments and events were shared verbally among four friends over whiskey and fried food in September 2012. These events have been fact-checked via email and all permissions for publishing obtained. The list disproportionately features more of my personal accomplishments.  Some major accomplishments have been omitted due to their debaucherous nature.