Marie Antoinette Makes Me Feel Entitled to Ennui

Sophia Copolla’s “Marie Antoinette” feels like the story of a young woman suffering from ennui during a particularly vigorous night of drinking that doesn’t end up as she envisioned. I grant you that the soundtrack exacerbates the sense of relateability to one’s life in the modern era of skinny jeans, asymmetrical haircuts, Kleenex thick deep v-neck tees and bourbon.

That Swede knows how to smolder you into submission across the bar (outdoor picnic table). But it’s those blonde locks atop dimples and blue satin dresses just breaks your heart. The unbearable lightness of being strikingly beautiful.

Jamie Dornan smoldering you into oblivion

Why does this movie make me depressed and optimistic at the same time? Which is of course to say nothing at all of France or Versailles. It’s really just scenery.