The Art Of Life Planning as Music Discovery

It is well documented that I like going to live music shows. This means I spend time researching who is touring, listening to new bands online, and Googling bands I’ve never heard of if they are playing a venue in my city.  In an attempt to plan my last few weeks in DC by maximizing each individual week, I’ve been doing more of the latter, listening to any of the bands playing a Friday or Saturday night at a favorite DC venue (or a compatible work week night). I mean, I can’t wait around twiddling my thumbs, waiting for the next great show to fall into my lap. I won’t be here when Sharon Van Etten plays the 9:30 Club for the first time (just stab me in the heart why don’t you, tour dates). Or when Conor Oberst plays the Warner Theater. (No, really, this shit ain’t right. What kind of world are we living in where I can’t hear/watch him tour this album again). Or when David Byrne and Annie Clark play The Music Center at Strathmore (though to be honest, I couldn’t afford these tickets). Okay now I’m depressed.

But anyway. My point is. That is how I found the following bands this week.

Kids & Explosions

He played DC9 on Wednesday. I did research specific to Wednesday because I asked this guy out and we both like music shows a lot. We went. I only caught one song. Let’s not talk about it. Except to say it was not my preference to go to the roof deck instead.


Some DC nightlife blog put “Forever” by Haim on a list of 50 songs to listen to in 2012 and I was intrigued by the description of an all-sister band promising catchy hooks that don’t make you sick.  Truth.

Here’s an excerpt from All Things Go (ATG) Music that captures every perception I’m currently projecting onto Haim.

“But their songs present a strikingly contemporary concept of what it means to be a strong female that hasn’t quite found a suitable definition–or place–elsewhere in music. They’re frustrated, but not angry. They’re hurt, but let’s not freak out about it. They allow men to make them question their actions, but never to question themselves. They’ll put up with some shit, but hey, also, fuck you, you know?”