The Art of Uncomfortable Art

There are contenting moments in life when the convergence of words, sound, picture and movement come together and bring clarity to a feeling with such precision it makes one’s heart and eyes burst. Most recently St. Vincent’s music video for “Cruel” hit all the marks for me.

What a cruel way to take a thoughtful woman captive. She was trying to restore a stuffed animal to a child in a wheelchair! Someone call the police! There’s been a woman-napping!

This video makes me extremely uncomfortable.
– Rewarding kindness with abduction.
– Forcing pastels and high heels on a woman who’d rather wear jeans.
– Endless domestic tasks for a thankless and menacing family.
– Captivity by domicile.
– Death by slow suffocation.

These are upsetting things to be faced with. Annie Clark’s blank gaze flares with moments of resigned irritation and silent anger toward her tormentors but she takes it all in near motionless grace. Upsetting indeed. And I can’t stop watching.