When Music Attacks! Calendar Actioning

I’ve been keeping a music calendar for a two years now. I love going to live music shows. It keeps me invigorated, engaged, content. I am happy to go to shows alone, I discovered. Sometimes I even prefer it for the complete flexibility, autonomy and invisibility in a crowd watching specters on stage. The only time I wish for company that I know and love, that I want to share air space with, is when I am seeing a truly spectacular spectacle. Some of my favorite moments at shows like Tune-Yards, Sharon Van Etten, Thao and Mirah were tinged bittersweet for not having someone with whom to gape, gasp and giggle.

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And so I created, using Word, a Music Forecast Calendar for the fair city of Washington, DC and distributed it via email with a PDF attachment and embedded JPG. My friends responded positively and so came to be a regular email exchange each month, sometimes more, if particularly fantastic shows warranted immediate message blasts.

After a year of this system, I started using Excel through Google Docs  to save myself some formatting headaches and to achieve better multi-locational access, but ultimately I still ended up saving as and distributing as a PDF attachment.  Last month I issued a survey to find out once and for all the medium people most prefer.

1) How do you want to be able to access the calendar online?
        a) Google Doc/ Calendar
        b) Website
        c) both
        d) Neither
2) Which format do you prefer receiving?
        a) PDF attached to email
        b) Excel Doc attached to email
        c) Embedded image in email
        d) Embedded as text in email
        e) Stop emailing me!
        f) Indifferent

Turns out, people want a Google Doc or Calendar for online access and they also want PDF attachments via email. I’d  been doing things “right” all along.  But there are still redundancies specific to my using a push system for the information.  It is time for pull! And so, I am embedding the Google Calendar “When Music Attacks!” here in this little blog (thanks WordPress FAQ and Help pages!). Now, I realize that no one reads this and thus my system has a major flaw, but sometimes supply must proceed demand. Particularly when no goods are in fact exchanging hands or circuits.

This little friend here will update automatically, pulling data as I enter it in the calendar. It doesn’t make for a good archiving tool, so I may still post specific shout outs every now and again, such as this one.