Why this? Why now?

I have a new friend. Let’s call her Dimples. She’s really into New Year Resolutions (NYRs). I am not. But on the Friday before New Year’s Eve we shared an intimate dinner at RedRocks Pizzeria in Columbia Heights. Dimples told me about her NYR:2011 and her ideas for 2012. We hatched a few NYRs for me to implement in 2012. Most of them her “best of”  from 2011 (example – “be a heartbreaker”). I confessed my secret-not-actually-a-secret desire to start a blog but that I had no idea what I wanted to write about. Anything that would get me using my brain outside of work. A creative outlet other than making jewelry (my beads left at my parent’s house like a too large book collection that can’t fit in your tiny apartment).

Maybe it was the faux candle light. Maybe it was the patient waiter who came to our table four times before we were ready to place our order. Maybe it was aura of the retrofitted row house in which the restaurant resides. Or maybe it’s just that Dimples is wicked clever and HOlarious. But that night she hatched the idea that I should write a blog about blogs. Or perhaps more accurately stated: a blog in which each post is about a different topic that could otherwise be the singular subject of a blog. I’m still not exactly sure what Dimples had in mind, but I am ready to make it up as I go along.

And so, let the writing begin. If you have a topic in mind, share it. If you have thoughts on a topic, add them. I promise nothing other than to only write about that which I feel like writing about.