When Music Attacks in 2012!

Hello Friends near and dear and far and dear! How fare thee on this wonderfully warm day in January? A little bit humid, no? My hair thinks yes. As I sit atop a mountain of work, it occurs to me that there is no better way to productively procrastinate than to send out a near-year-end and into the near-new-year musical greeting.
I’ve been sitting on it for a while thinking the new shows would flood in, but it’s more like a steady stream. 2012 Q1 is looking swell!


Sharon Van Etten on Saturday Feb 11th at Black Cat
BAM! I love her. One of the best shows in 2011. This may sell out. She’s gettin’ buzzy.

Zola Jesus on Thursday 16th at U Street Music Hall
Barely 5′ and still kicking ass and taking names.

SAUL WILLIAMS on Thursday 23rd at Black Cat
I don’t really need to say anything other than this: you are truly a moron if you don’t attend.

And then there is March… still plenty of time to go
First Aid Kit on Thursday March 30th at Black Cat
Swedish sisters, have toured with Lykke Li and most recently Bright Eyes. I saw them in September as Connor’s opener and I have this to say: I louvre them. They’ve recently worked with Jack White and Mike Mogis as producers.

And a special winter treat from our good friend Bill Watterson

Cloudy Winter Days